Facts about what is happening with the protest happening in Ihumatao Mangere, Auckland

SOUL group led by Pania Newton is a peacful protest group that state the significance on how much the land means to her and the the people who have also protested with her. Fletcher building had organised a plan to build 480 on stone gardens owned by the iwi. the iwi seperated into to parts for people who were aginst the builidng and people who wanted the building to go ahead. Fletchers building and their cheif executive steve evans are fussed by the situation and want them to go away. The building has been delayed by 4 years and but they dont think the building will go on. The protest that souls put together have had many years of protest and hundreds and maybe thousands of people have participated from people who are young to people to the elders. People have preformed hakas adn karakia's to help symbolize the Maori's presence and their apprecition of the land. They have been peacful and dont want to harm the land so they have a peacful protest to keep the ground safe. Many people have conrtibuted by giving

Who is Pania newton

Pania newton

Pania newton is a New Zealand lawyer who has dedicated the past 4 years to helping the maori community at the tribe with the a peacful protest to identify what has been happening to maoris since 1840 when the tiriti o waitangi was signed and had a false translation due to the crown. So Pania came up with a plan to help the iwi and maoris that5 have lost their land to the treaty to make the issue more known. She created the group known as SOUL (save our unique land) got everyone together to protest for the Maori sacred stone gardens were the first Maori settlers landed.

Who is steve evans

Steve evans is the chief exuctive to fletchers building company and thinks that this protest is a waste of time and they are still going ahead to build on the land. He had all the building plans approved and all 470 building seem to be approved but the probloem is that there are protesters there and hes had the land mapped out to see if he sees any importance to the land but hasn't seen anything that'll throw him off wanting to build.

How has the ihumatoa protest affected lives

people have put their everyday lives on hold to do the ihumatoa protest and the builders jobs have been pushed aside and the have had to do something else. Pania newtons life has been affected in a real big way her entire life has changed

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